Monday, November 1, 2010

10-29-10 Ransom Final to Show

Gathered up Ransom, all his lunging toys, and my mental awareness, and to the arena we go's.

He lunged very pretty, seemed his normal agreeable self. After a solid 10-15 minutes warmup & loosening up, I hopped aboard.

Ransom delighted me by not pulling out his "pre show crabs", but instead was entirely delightful. I got a nice 45 minute ride in, with solid hard work sets, alternating trot & canter. His free walk was average, stretchie trot not the greatest, but good enough.

I gave his ears a quick clip, shortened and thinned his mane a little, but opted against a bath. It was Thursday, after all, and if he had all day Friday to think about it, certainly he'd lay down AND roll. No point in wasting the soap, water, or my time.

I praised him for his good nature, blessed him with magic "do goodin" cookies, and had a mushy sappy "dang it gonna miss you old boy" moment. It still tears me up knowing we're nearly done...

Bring it, Ransom! We'll have quite the audience Saturday morning! Now, Momma's gonna go away tomorrow, go see another horsie-critter. While I'm gone, you keep moving around the pasture, keep those sweet legs loose, and all those muscles a movin'. Saturday, we're kicking tail, and takin' names! Let's do it!

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