Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/29/10 Hi Harley! Get it!

I grabbed Harley and we had a little chat. "Listen, sweetie. Let's stay up in your pasture, so I don't waste time catching Ransom. Be good, because there's not a lot of daylight left."

He was a little fresh during his longe warmup, but nothing unreasonable. It was nice to see him feeling good. I hopped on, and got straight to business. How to make him go forward, at the walk, with me on his back, and get out of that goofy plodding pokey walk?

I squeezed with calves, nothing. I kicked, nothing. I wiggled my feet and my lower body, nothing. Finally, I started pushing forward and back, with both hips at once. BinGo! Harley pushed out into this amazing, head swinging, ground-covering walk! I praised him, patted him, and laughed with him. I felt a little lick & chew, and smiled.

The same for the trot. If I posted the trot, he'd start to poke. So finally, I sat a little while, and pushed pushed pushed with my hips. SucceSS!

The key to Harley's forward, lies in my hips and my seat. I was a sore little lady after the ride, from pushing with every lower body muscle given to me. It's going to surely get me fit, riding this lazy little monster. But, in the whirling wind, a cold and warm front meeting, and varying little pockets of air temperature, he stayed calm, and listening.

Delightful little monster.. I just need you to keep moving, with a little less "help" from me.

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