Monday, November 22, 2010

11-20-10 Ransom says, "Pfft, told ya so!"

I gathered Ransom up in all his parts & pieces, and off to the arena we went. He nudged me towards going down the road, but, given his last performance, he didn't need a break, he needed to work.

And work we did. He tried fighting just briefly on the longe line and side reins, before a few tug-backs, and some harsh words came from me. I wasn't tolerating it again. I even had to carry the longe whip, and push his feet to make him realize it was time to work.

After about 15 minutes, MisterLazyBritches was obeying stop, go, gait change, all relaxed. So I hopped on.

The ride? Phenominal. There were only a few ugly transitions, but overall, he worked up nicely. We danced together for nearly 35 minutes, when I glanced at my watch, summarized his work time in my head, and eased up to a good free walk. His trot felt very steady and forward, and the canter was awesome as always. There's still this pesky habit of wanting to come trot everytime I come out of free walk to working walk. hmPH! I don't remember starting that habit, but I better oughta break it before championships..

=) Good work, fine sir.. exactly what I know you're capable of.

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