Monday, November 1, 2010

10-30-10 Training #3 D. Meyer, Judge

The weather was chilly! Our warmup lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes, no lunging. He warmed up stiff to start, as a result of the still and cool trailer ride. When he settled into his work, he was moving much better than the last Sunday show. He felt more even, more steady. And while still senior-ish stiff, Ransom had a perky attitude, and happy ears. He almost felt like he was smiling, happy to be out & about, in the ring, and feeling Momma's "show mind" reeling.

Training Level #3, D. Meyer, Judge
1. Enter working trot, halt at X, salute, proceed wg orkintrot
6 = nearly square, could be more straight

2. Track left at C, Left at E, circle left 20m at X
6 = needs suppleness to bend

3. Circle right 20M at X, B turn right
5 = some loss of balance, some unevenness

4. – 5. Circle right 20m at A, right canter lead first quarter of circle
4. Transition
7 = obedient, could cover more ground

5. Circle
7 = covered here more ground, but steady tempo

6. E-B Half circle 20m, near centerline working trot, B straight ahead
6 = stiffness but comes against bit

7. A Medium walk
6 = slight braced in trans, some march

8. K-B free walk
7 = needs more swing through back

9. B-M medium walk, M working trot
4 = broke gaits

10. – 11. Circle left 20m at C, left canter lead first quarter of circle
10. Transition
6 = needs power from behind

11. Circle
6 = needs impulsion and power; bobs head

12. E-B Half circle 20m, near centerline working trot, B straight ahead
6 = heavy on shoulders

13. C, circle left 20m, rising trot, allowing the horse to stretch forward and downward, shorten reins before C
4 = no stretch shown, looks uneven, short L hind

14. Half circle at E 10m to X
X straight ahead, G halt salute.
5 = uneven steps. Halt L of CL

Rider comments
Gaits = 5
Impulsion = 5
Submission = 5
Rider = 6

Good team, strides become uneven when change direction in trot and weight shifts down on shoulders. OK in canter. Needs down stretch in walk and trot circles.

Um, Yeah... Okay.. So in Working Walk B-M, as I shortened the reins, Ransom felt the crisp, cool air, and absolutely insisted that trot was the right answer. LOL It made me giggle then, and it makes me giggle now, too. He felt good enough to WANT to work, and that's awesome. As to her other "4" plus comments, he didn't stretch to the ground, but he absolutely relaxed and reached some. There was much to see around the arena, though, as other horses, riders, and humans were wandering around. Ransom only wanted to say "hi!".

Ya know, I read this, and thought, "That's out of the way." Then, I remembered I left out ribbons. Shame Shame on me.. Especially for you folks who aren't on my Facebook.
First Place, out of Four Adult Amateurs!!!


SunnySD said...

What a way to finish :) Sounds as if you both had fun, and topping it off with the blue is nice icing.

Looking forward to hearing more about the horse hunting, too!

Jennifer said...

Sunny - Cheers, girl.. We're not quite done yet.
One more to go! Championships, Dec 11 & 12.