Friday, November 19, 2010

11/18/10 Ransom Say

Screw you, Momma. I don't want to work on side reins today.

I said.. "Tough pickles, Son. Now get out there, and get working."

There were about four deer of the female variety bouncing around the pasture. I'd like to say that was the cause of His Highness' grief, however, I know better. He just didn't want to.

I pushed him out for a good 30 minutes, whether he wanted it or not. About 15 of that was spent on the longe line. He tried to kick out, tried twisting his body, tried bucking a little, but nothing worked. I pushed him on anyways.

Due to his little temper fit, he'll have today off. He won't be so successful after today though. Back to action Saturday, full steam ahead. :) Monster can't use the deer, or the weather, as his excuse. I know better.

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