Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Note readers: I'm way behind again. I'm going to capture per horse what we've done that's worth mentioning. And starting tomorrow, I will update per day per ride. Blogger is giving me fits, only allowing irregular log ons. At a minimum, all rides will get recorded on my computer, and then updated as I can copy/paste. Too much to learn here, and, as I hear it, I'm inspiring some folks to want to ride more. No reason to quit blogging there, huH?
Harley, where we've been
Harley has had, 11/3 or so and 11-7, and it was just like he'd had frequent saddle time. We got a good solid 30 minutes together again, while some was on the lunge line, he's got a real knack for letting me know when he's done on the line. Repeated halts, turn to face me, licking and chewing. "Get on with it already, Lady. I know you're going to ride me, so Just Do It!"
Our rides are a LOT of walking, and a good amount of trot. The first trot ride, I focused on going in decent circles. He's sticking out shoulders, which is expected. What I am enjoying, is his "give" to the bit. He very quickly realized that to get me outta his mouth right now, all he has to do is lower his head. I'm giving him the inside rein loose, but holding a little on the outside rein. "Keeping up the wall", you might say.
His second trot ride on 11-7, I was a little more direct. I started out in circles, serpentines, loop-dee-loo's all around the arena. Realizing he was a little bored, I started guiding with my legs, and only using rein if I had to. Again, he's a fast learner. There were a few "ah hah" moments where I looked where I wanted to go, started to prepare my body, only to find him turning with me. Very nice.
Perhaps Harley's most inspiring moment lately, involved some cows. 75% of one long side of my arena is bordered by brush & trees, and behind that, the neighbor's cow pasture. Harley kept coming down the brush side, slowing, pausing, and looking. I assumed it was the neighbor's, their kids, dogs, deer, or cows. Then all of a sudden, Harley planted all four feet, refused to move on, and stared into the clearing. In a matter of seconds, a few dozen cows came bursting out from behind the brush, and moseyed on down their pasture lane towards the barn. As the last one became clear from the brush, Harley walked on peacefully, twisting his eye up to look at me. You know what I heard him say?
"Idiot Lady! I kept trying to tell you the cows was over there! But NOoOooOOO you didn't want to listen to baby horse me! I didn't need 'dem dere cows spookin' ya... So C'mon, next time I tells ya there's something over dere like dat, LOOK!!"
Silly Baby horse! :)

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