Monday, November 22, 2010

The Horse Search Continues

I'm waiting for an overnighted video DVD, and I've received a few more last week worth the trip to go see.

There's about three "haven't seens" on the wish list right now. I have two others that I've ridden once, and would like to try again.

After reading GoGo's blog, I realized one idea I thought I almost had a deal on wasn't so unreasonable. You see, Andrea is considering a free lease for a year or two. Under her plan, the horse would receive some teaching, the owner would get back a brighter smarter horse, and Andrea would get a ride without a lot of commitment. I thought I'd found one similar. The owner was eager to talk to me, and eager beyond imagine that I come ride her horse. When his purchase price was explained, I declined, "Whoa, he's way outta my price range, but thanks."

Then, after more questions about my age, occupation, income, living quarters, pasture and stall arrangements, she was even more eager I come ride her horse, and lease him. So I laid out the terms of a free care lease, that I'd keep up with ALL the horse's bills with spoiled lavish care, but pay no additional fees. The owner immediately wrote back against the entire idea, and replied, "She doesn't know anyone that would ever lease a horse for free. That's just nonsense!"

I later discovered, if the horse were boarded at the barn he lives in now, it'd be a free care lease. If the horse leaves that barn, it is no longer a free care lease, but instead a pay-lease. The horse? A jumper... And a neat looking one, at that, but still a jumper. Only horses I'd even consider pay-leasing, would be lease-to-own, or a fantastic dressage schoolmaster. I responded to the owner my regards, and a gentle, "No thank you."

Received another email this weekend, asking me again to consider, and offering up the pay-lease costs. I haven't answered. I can't justify paying to ride a horse not trained and experienced in dressage.

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