Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Show Video!

I was going to link up my show videos.
And then I wasn't.

And, now, I am. And you know why? Because I'm willing to accept the criticism anybody has to toss my way. I've got the scores and the results to go with these rides, from rated judges. These aren't USDF rated shows, they're little schooling events. Thus the lax attire. :)

So, watch, enjoy, critique. But, I will ask this. If you've got it to say, say it here. Comment, Email, or tell one of my frequent comment folks to pass it on anonymously. Please don't link it on your blog, or your friends' blogs, or on any public viewing forums. Speak your peace right here. We've got a beautiful ribboned wall showing how great we've done this year.

Oct 9th Sienna Stables, Training Test #1

Oct 9th Sienna Stables, Training Test #2

Oct 30th HearthStone Stables, Training Test #3

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