Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ransom had an entire week off after the show. I wasn't feeling 100%, and, since we've not a lot of things to accomplish for the final show, there's no reason to train "hard", but more maintain.
Saturday, 11-6, the arena got a discing munch up. It looks great! As a result, Ransom doesn't have any holes in the arena to work around, no lumpy bumpy spots, all even chunked up sandy dirt. It's awesome! He, however, thought it'd be a fun day to gallop around with the tractor. Fortunately, no injuries, but additionally, also no riding. I could see the stiff and sore in his eyes and legs as he came to the barn for supper.
Sunday 11-7, I grabbed Ransom, and my bareback pad. There's something about cool temperatures and great weather that encourages goofing off. And that's what we did. Lots of long and low walk, a little trot, and a bit of playful canter. Throughout the ride, I could feel his energy underneath me, like he'd explode at any moment.
And So Monday, 11-8, I entertained his wishes. I came home from work, scurried about with the pups, then OUT dressed to ride. Lunged Ransom left in side reins, switched to lunge him right, and the gallop started. I know he's been "asking me" for a gallop about the arena day for, um, two weeks now. The arena being freshly disced and soft, this is as good a time as any. I unlatched the side reins, lunge line, and picked up the lunge whip. I didn't even unwrap the string from it to start. I walked over to him, and tapped him ever so lightly on the rump with it.
GONE! Like a flash! Wheeeeeee.. ran the old man all around the arena, flying changes at X every time. He didn't have his tail up flashing, he was just AT IT. Ears pricked forward, running and running, and ten minutes later, he trots up to me and halts, heaving in his breath. I laughed at him the whole time. I never swung the whip string at him, I never had to push... I just stayed facing him, and pretty much tried to stay out of his way. He has those days, and despite his age, and "Unsoundness", I see those running galloping days, and I think, "Self, you've done good. The old guy still LOVES his life, and LOVES his job. Press on ahead."

We still had a patch of daylight, so I hopped on, and rode him anyways for about 20 minutes. No stretching down trot, but a few long free walks, LOTS of canter circles and bends... I enjoyd the disced dirt for trots down diagonal, no worries of tripping on a hole or a hard spot. Got a little canter work in, but I took note of the heavy breathing, and short daylight. Called it done a little early...

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