Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11-14-10 Ransom

Ransom and I enjoyed about another 45 minutes of bliss Sunday. The weather was nice, and he decided this was a good day to again behave. We actually got a LOT accomplished.

I got some work in on the "one loop" in Training 4. I also pushed him into some stretch-down trot, which was nice. He obliged my poor balance, as I for some reason couldn't hold onto my stirrups evenly.

So back to the walk, and I concentrated. Right stirrup, longer than left stirrup. How, it happened, who knows. So I raised the right up a hole. Success! That was the last lost iron, and a much happier horse & rider pair.

His canter up and downs were a little stickie to start, but improved incrementally over the ride.

We're both enjoying the smooth arena, free of holes, and freshly rained on / watered. It is making for a nice ride, where I can focus and he can concentrate, all without having to worry about stumbling. Peaceful!

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