Monday, November 22, 2010

11-20-10 Romeo Throws a Fit

He tried to, at least. I grabbed Mo, saddled him up Western saddle, English French link bit, grabbed the side reins and lunge line, and headed to the arena. See, earlier the previous week, I longed him very briefly in the sideyard, short rope and a halter. Romeo thought it'd be funny to play kick towards me twice that evening. I settled for respect that night, but knew it was time to remind him he CAN have a job if he acts like that.

I longed him only briefly in just his halter, before the sillies started coming back. Stuffed the bit in his mouth, and held his head where I wanted it with side reins. Ran the line through the bridle. whee! There he goes! Romeo fought it for quite a while, gnawing hard on the bit in sheer disbelief. His eyes called out, "You're kidding me, right? I haven't had to do more than work on a loose rein in, um, over two months! Not a chance, lady! I ... can .. fight ... this .. oh , well, maybe they won't loosen up if I keep bracing." Finally, after fifteen minutes, Mo settled down, and dropped his head.

With my creature's attention again, I took off the line and side reins, and hopped on. Again, Mo thought work hard was over. Nope, not a chance, son. I pushed him only at walk and trot, but insisted on short reins, and a little collective work. Romeo was quite ticked off, obvious by his swishing tail. The only time he was allowed to relax, was when he stretched into a free walk. As soon as he popped his head up again, I shortened the reins, and put him right back to work. After another twenty minutes, I let him wander aimlessly on a loose rein. He let out a heavy sigh, pleased that the torture was over.

So I wonder if Romeo has some "work" in him, again. This has been a debate in my mind for almost two years, as long as Ransom's been around. Can Romeo keep himself together long enough to train in low-dressage, or will he completely go bonkers like he did in the hunter three-month series, determined to kill us both by the end? I'm debating putting up a video of his movement for ya'll to tear apart.. I'm also debating hauling his lazy arse to the vet, and asking Dr. Sam to give him a look-see and evaluate if he's got a future showing..

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