Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Romeo, Romeo.. What to do with my boy named Romeo. Oh, I know.. We've done it with Ransom, let's see if you'll let me..
The tractor was running about in the arena. After napping on the mounting block in the sun, I decided it was time to enjoy the weather aboard the Little Guy. I grabbed Mo, and his western bit, and that was it. Straight to his pasture. We walked a good long while, then trotted circles, serpentines, and a bunch of figure 8s. A few trot to halts, and I got a brave idea.
It's Mo.. I mean, really. It's Just Mo. He ain't gonna do somethin' stupid, and R's over there if I wipe out... I grabbed a wad of mane, tucked my heels down, squeezed hard, kicked harder and smooched to him.
Loping along on my flat fat pony. Wow. Yeah, flat. Best I know how to describe it. Ransom's bareback canter, requires lots of hips... and lots of relaxed leg. Mo? Yeah, a teensie weensie bit of hip, but mostly, just sit up there & enjoy the ride.
A super fun 25 minutes goofing off, in the beautiful fall sunshine.

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