Monday, November 15, 2010

11-11&12-10 Ransom

Gathered Ransom up in side reins on the 11th, and lunged him out nicely. He was a gentleman, obviously refocused back on work after his gallop day. Silly boy ...

He lunged for about 30 minutes, all gaits, lots of transitions.

The 12th I grabbed him again, in all his dressage glory, and asked him to work. For about 35 minutes, we rode all the gaits, all the transitions, and stayed on a nice circle. I did a few long free walks, transitioned up to working walk, then halt, rather than pick up trot. He flubbed the free walk to working walk at the last show, and I want to break that habit soon.

I heard Harley calling out for us from his pasture. When I glanced down there, Harley was laying down, after rolling totally over two or three times. As Harley was laying there he was stretching his neck out straight.

I scrambled to the pasture with Ransom, put him in his paddock, took the bit out, the saddle off, and apologized for the abrupt ending.

Walked up to Harley's pasture, kissed to him, and he hopped up. Harley shook all over, and walked away, grazing. I looked later as I was hosing Ransom off and putting his tack away, to find Harley in his pasture, grazing peacefully. Little snot was helping big brother get out of work. hmph. It's all an equine conspiracy. hmph. =)

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