Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Updates

Let's see...

11-23, Harley and I braced for war in the strong winds. He was delightful as always, for about 35 minutes plodding around at walk and trot. He's slowly building topline muscles, but still moves sooo slow at the walk, it's nearly frustrating.

11-24, I went horse-searching. More on that in a bit. I've got a video that'll probably frighten ya'll, so let me summarize in another blog entry ...

11-25, Thanksgiving Day! I was able to ride and enjoy the weather. Ransom was truly delightful, all three gaits, and with minimal effort. His free walk to working walk refresher seems to have stuck, as he isn't trying to break up into trot as often.
Harley and I worked through his paces, and I found him to be a little more willing to work, without argument. About 30 minutes, and I started to get tired riding him about.
Romeo, well, is just Romeo. We played bareback in his pasture, and, after he argued a little, and realized I wasn't playing around, he got serious as well.

11-26, R and I got ridiculously early, and ventured off to test-ride a 3YO OTTB, and a 5YO grade gelding. Both had good and not so good features, but so far, are the best of the bunch. It was a very long day, however, and we finally pulled into my driveway again at 2am 11-27. *yawn*

11-27, A day of rest, reflection, and a little sadness. Anytime I think too long, too hard, about sweet Ransom's retirement, I well up pathetic, and begin missing him before he's even gone.

11-28, I enjoyed Ransom's dressage perfection again early in the morning. He was absolutely amazing, as always. As soon as he feels the side reins, he seems to travel to a mood of, "Got it, Mom. Let's get to working!"
Romeo and I, well, goofed off again. It's not that I don't want to be serious about building him up some muscles and remind him of his job, but some days, his job is just to relax, and help me unwind.

Harley 11-29 will get his own lovely little entry..

But first, let me work up an entry about the absolute disaster that I faced on 11/24. I hope someone may learn from my mistakes, and not face the same risk.

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