Thursday, March 12, 2009

03/12/09 Ransom Workout

Ransom lunged for 30 minutes hard work walk, trot, canter. I let him walk out for about ten after, and he stretched long & low all on his own. We did oodles and oodles and oodles of transitions. He behaved up nicely.

Weather turned last evening, bringing in a cold front. It's finally raining at a light clip at the house. I hope it continues for the next few days as predicted.

For now, however, I'm tired. I had a pretty late, long night, and I'm paying for it today. The gloomy weather makes me even more wore out. My long night was entirely worth it, as I learned a bit more about myself, and R. =)

Everybody have a safe day! Please keep my rainclouds in your prayers, and FSSunny's job search.


SunnySD said...

The prayers are working up here, and I'm sending some for rainclouds your way :) I have a phone interview on Monday. If all goes well, I'll get a follow-up on-site....

Hope R is feeling MUCH better. Yuckies are sure no fun!

Jennifer said...

Well, what happened? Did the interview turn into anything great?? DO tell!! =) Lots of details