Monday, March 23, 2009

Hosanna! 2000 - An Easter Memory Part IV

In the background of my life during this time, I was facing upcoming graduation, and applying for graduate school. My advisors were proud of me, and my grades were great. One rehearsal, I ran to practice, giggled all over the cast room, and ran up to Peter.
"Guess what! Guess what! My prayers were answered!"
"What?", he asked me
"I got into grad school! Full scholarship plus assistance stipend! I'm going to grad school!"
Peter sighed. "I don't think I can have this role again in the play without you. We always put each other back together after it's over. I'm going to have to go back to being a soldier. It'll be too hard without you."
I wanted to cry... big Strong Fisherman Peter... I never knew he had been a soldier. Furthermore, I never knew I had that kind of an impact.
At last show, Peter handed me an Easter card with a Jesus-Fish pin in it. I still have it, and still feel his impact every time I put it on. I save it for special occasions, especially when I'm singing something I'm worried about. It's my reminder that my voice does change things and people.

Best and probably most important part of Hosanna!, was what it did to me and the Easter season. (more to come in another week as we're nearing the Easter Season)

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