Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/2/09 Ransom At Home

It sure was nice to ride in my arena again. Out of the harsh wind, out of the colder temperatures, in a comfortable place. Les was over delivering grain & a few more square bales, and asked, "Hey, since I'm here, you want me to hold the lunge line or something? I'm already here, might as well." That's an offer I can't resist!

We got in walk, trot, and more canter in the ride. I did quite a bit more canter than trotting, and took the reins in each hand, moving along with him for the canter. I'm still latching onto the saddle pommel & pad for the up transition, but about two strides into it, and we're good to go. Ransom's canter-left is coming back nicely - I still think a chiro appointment will help that out. We're just one or two horses short of a full set to get Dr Linda to come to my house.

Total work about 40 minutes. Finished up with loose rein walk on the rail. Even that was nice - he has a big flowy walk, and being back at home made it entirely comfortable.

A fun ride, with the big horse Les calls Goliath. :)

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