Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3/9/09 Ransom Hunt

Caught up Ransom after getting home a little late. Had a "nursing pit stop on the way home", as R has managed to fetch himself an ugly flu-like fever & yuckies. After delivering dinner & medicine, I headed to the house.

Ransom worked in my event saddle (only second time I've tried that) in the round pen. We worked for just about an hour, walk, trot (warmup w/t/c on side reins). He did really good, except that I felt like I had to micro-manage him a lot. If I left my legs relax, or my upper body relax, or my hands, he would drift in or out of the circle, and hollow out. Our best work was at a sitting trot, thighs on, and purposely "helping him." Very interesting, and different than I'm used to on him. I enjoyed the work - I felt like I was able to help him in our work rather than participate and learn from him only.

A pretty cool ride. When I was walking him out, I dropped my stirrups, and left my legs just hang on him. That was cool! He picked up the nicest big-stride moving walk. A very very nice end to the work.

On other news, my tax prep is about done, and, if all calculations are correct, Mr'Bama gonna have to give a little back this year. Too Bad, so sad, Chairman Mau-Bama (courtesey of Mike Church Dude Nation). You can give me back what was mine to begin with. You want more of my income? Knock yourself out. But don't expect me to give 120% on the job if you're just going to hand it out to someone else too lazy to pick up & get a job. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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