Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3/23/09 Ransom

Big boy put on his "Happy Horse" behavior. He must've noticed Romeo left & didn't come home. Saddled him up dressage, added side reins & lunge line, and off we went.

Gave him about a 15 minute work on the line. He started pulling on the line, trying to make the circle bigger & bigger, but I tugged back, and got a better circle size. After warmup, I took the line and side reins off, and sent him around the arena. He gave some nice easy trots, and took off galloping down the long sides two or three times. Once it was pretty clear he would rather relax with me than be a nut, I got on.

We worked another twenty minutes on walk and trot, and had a good ride. He was nice & light, and while not totally relaxed at the poll, at least he was turning and staying soft. Total work, a bit over an hour. Plenty of transitions, and lots of direction changes.

Wind was howling in the trees our entire workout. Pretty cool that, a year ago, there was no way in that weather I would've been on a horse, not to mention that large of a horse. No absolute way. Not only was the wind flapping, neighbor's cows were out grazing, neighbor was grading his driveway, and we had company. One deer and a large bird (male roadrunner, I think) came whizzing by the pasture. Pretty neat to stay aboard and remain relaxed with all that going on around us.

Weather peoples calling for precip chances next few days. Here's praying they're right ...

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