Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3/10/09 Romeo Confirms It

Tacked Romeo up western, TT bit. Had an amazing ride! We still argued a little bit about the right lead, and he was a little slow to halt once, but there were no bucks, no kicking out, no tail swishing, all was peaceful. I barely took contact once at the canter to see if it was a mouth issue, and he still behaved.

All the fuss from Sunday has to be the event saddle not fitting him properly. I got extra padding, but even that doesn't seem to be enough. I'm really not entirely sure what to do there.

Still, we got in about 35 minutes of walk/trot/canter, a few spins, turns on forehand, rollbacks, and a little side passing. There were a few things going on making lots of sudden noises in the neighbor's pasture, and while he looked and flipped his ears around, he wasn't spooking sideways, or taking off. One time he thought he was going to canter without a cue, broke to trot, and I backed him up pretty hard. We didn't have a repeat-attempt there.

Life outside of horses is still status quo. I've been having a handful of really strange dreams lately, where things on the internet, work, and the rest of life are all blending together. Very strange stuff.... Waking up thinking, "Whoa... dude that was weird! Which cat was laying on me funny to cause that strangeness?"

Still praying for rain. Forecast calls it to start today and rain at varying chances from 40% to 70% until Sunday. Largest chance is Friday. Radar sure isn't showing it, but I'm hopeful.

If the weather holds out, Ransom will get a quick lunge tonight before choir rehearsal at 7:30pm. Ya'll have a great day! Don't forget FSSunny's job search!!!

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