Monday, March 9, 2009

3/8/09 Romeo & Baths

Both horses got scrubby baths. I got out my rubber scrubber, and Cowboy Magic soap for Romeo, and Iodine shampoo for Ransom (it what what I had left... need to get more CM or something similar).

Romeo saddled up English, which turned into a disaster. I am just about sure it doesn't fit him right, or something. When we walked, and trotted, all was fine. I asked for canter, and he was kicking his heels up after about ten strides. This continued for about four more before I got him under control. Little stinker! I let him blow off steam in the round pen, and he flew like a bullet. I'm sure some was saddle discomfort, some was the time off, and a little more a fussy fit because Momma was out of town. Total work about an hour.

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