Monday, March 23, 2009

3/20/09 Romeo

What I hoped would be an in-person saddle fitting turned into carrying wither tracings for both boys to Charlotte's in Houston. The lady I had spoken with wasn't real friendly over the phone. She seemed a little putoff that I wasn't prepared to spend $2000 on a saddle for Romeo. Holy Poo! I didn't spend that much on the horse! She's NUTS! Keeping me company, R came along for the road trip. He was incredibly patient in the saddle shop, looking around while I drooled over everything in the store.

Anyways, after some time with one of the store employees I've dealt with before, I walked out with a Collegiate Convertible Diploma. Nice narrow twist, wide gullet, and overall beautiful design. They didn't have any incredible sales, and with the package I got for my saddle purchase, I grabbed stirrups and leathers. Good deal, and we were on the way out ...

We had the BEST Italian lunch! WOW! Being from Western PA originally, I have a finicky palate when it comes to Italian food. I just do. Olive Garden!? Not my fave... not even close. I grew up on home-cooked-by-Italian food. I had cheese ravioli that was just amazing! We finished up our meal sharing tiramisu. The REAL stuff.. ooooh.. very yummie.

After that, we did a little more window shopping, and headed home. Traffic was incredibly minor, due to some backroad travelling, but for Houston on a Friday afternoon, it was really light.

Just as soon as I got home, of course, I had to try Romeo's new outfit! I tacked him up quick and did a little walk/trot. I left the stirrups off the saddle, so I wasn't entirely confident in my ride. Romeo was good! He did a little of the goofy stuff he had before in my smaller event seat, but quickly settled into a comfortable ride.

Saturday, I tried again ... with a longer ride.

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