Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3/16/09 Back in the Swing

With the rains passed, and the arena now well-watered and soft, Ransom and I saddled up and headed out.

I had the best ride on him ever (off lunge line). After about a 20 minute warmup (loose lunge, then side reins on 5s), I hopped on, and we headed out. I walked a while, did a few leg yields (which he is soo good at), and asked for trot-right.

He immediately went into a beautiful soft relaxed trot. o O ( Hmmm ) O o I thought... o O ( What am I doing differently today than any other day that makes him so soft to ride today? ) O o

I was riding lighter. Don't know how else to describe it. When I was posting the trot, and I pushed myself into the saddle, he would hollow out, speed up, and string out all ugly. When I lightened my seat, posted real easy, and stayed "soft" in my mind, he was totally absolutely incredible. We even enjoyed about ten minutes of sitting trot - Something I didn't see happening off the lunge ANY time soon. I had real light bit contact, and we were tooling around the arena in circles & serpentines, all sitting trot. Absolutely incredible.

Total ride about 55 minutes. We were enjoying the time so much, we forgot how long the ride went. Planning for a recovery lesson tonight to make up for two weekends in a row without one. 100% Ransom, walk, trot, canter on lunge, and LOTS of trot on the rail. I can't wait!!!

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