Monday, March 16, 2009

3/13, 14, 15 The Rains Came

Thursday, March 12 - High 52F, rainfall 0.22"
Friday, March 13 - High 46F, rainfall 0.27"
Saturday, March 14 - High 48F, rainfall 0.60"
Sunday, March 15 - High 57F, rainfall minimal
0.22+0.27+0.60 = 1.09" of liquid sunshine

I didn't get any weekend riding in. Friday it was just nasty out - windy, rainy, and cold(!) by South Texas standards. Friday evening lesson was cancelled due to the ickie weather conditions.

Saturday, still a soggy wet day. I got new tires on my truck, and ran a few errands, but I was basically a non-contributing member of society. =) A really relaxing day.

Sunday, after choir & lunch, I hoped to go home & prep for a lesson. I found both boys with slightly swollen ankles from slip-sliding around the pasture. The arena had a few tracks of sunk-in deer hoofprints. I decided a lesson wasn't worth injuring one of the boys, or having them sliding around with me atop, trying to protect both of us. I hosed down eight legs, put on a little Vetrolin, and nested back in the house.

This morning, the clouds have cleared, and my place should dry up to safe in a day or so. The rest of life is, well, wonderful. Right after I typed out that last sentence, I sat here at my desk a few minutes, pondering what else I should say, protecting privacy (mostly my own), but hoping to share just enough to make all the readers smile under their breath.

So, in tiny print, and a quiet mind, I'll just summarize - (again, long pause, with a stupid grin on my face that's bound to get me in trouble here any moment). Life is good... When I turned 30, I blogged about my life situation outside of the horses, and chose to be "okay" with it. FSSunny was right in her comments - it's not necessary, but it fits. I'm comfortable in my own skin for once. No show, no thinking really hard hoping I'll say the right thing at the right moment, no long evenings alone wondering if I'm enough, but just right. I prayed long nights that it would all work out, and maybe, just maybe, it has.
And, again, with that goofy grin on my face, and reading back on that 6/17/08 blog, I know I'll see that lady that asked the rude question again. I'm anxious to see the look on her face when my situation is no longer a secret.

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