Monday, March 23, 2009

3/22/09 Romeo's Back to School

After church, I drove Romeo to the roping arena. Plans included another short ride in my new saddle, then switch out to all my western cowgirl gear, and play pushing cows.

Romeo had other plans. Unfortunately for him, this was another day he chose to not pay attention, and do his own thing. Head up in the air, refusing to turn on forehand or turn on haunches, refusing to side pass, backing up with head in the sky... You name it. Refusing to turn nicely....

I rode him English
Les briefly rode him English
Les rode him Western
I rode him Western

Nothing seemed to help. He was being impossibly stubborn. SO! Good thing about riding with the cowboys - Romeo is back at camp. I left him at the arena yesterday with Les for about a week or so. Les saw all the junk I've been riding through & only working on a little bit. That'll all be solved in a few more rides.

I was able to warm up Amigo, and another fellow cowboy's horse for the team roping practice. The other horse, a big grey gelding, was FUN! I've seen others ride him, and worked up enough courage to jump on and have fun. Saddle too big, stirrups too long, I jumped on, and off we went. That was the best 20 minute ride I had the entire afternoon! Amigo is fun, but he needs a lot of leg to keep going without spurs. The grey horse?! He just needed asked once, and left alone. Very nice ride!

Ransom's up tonight - since he's the only boy at the house. Going to try to snag a lesson this week, scheduling around a 7:15 Tuesday massage, and church activities Wednesday (either choir or a concert at another church in town). There's a few chances of rain again this week, rain dances & precip prayers greatly appreciated.

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