Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3/30/09 Vacation - Both Boys

Third Day concert was fantastic Sunday (3/29). Revive and Brandon Heath opened for them, and both did very well. Third Day was just *Fantastic*!!!!

Monday, I was a bit more than slow getting up, and my half day's vacation from work turned into a whole day. I wasn't motivated to do much, but, again, I've got pony commitments, and hey, I'm enjoying my rides.

So off I went outside. Romeo came home Sunday while I was out of town, so I saddled him up first. He did well, and I really only had to "get after him" once. We warmed up walk & trot, and did a little canter (both ways, and thinking back, he only missed his lead once). After the warmups, I was going to work on his trot. When I asked for it, he must've thought I meant canter, because the head came up, back hollowed out, and he acted like he was ready to take off. "No Sir!" I backed him up hard, and made sure he knew I didn't appreciate it one bit.

Total Romeo work - about 40 minutes.

After a short break, I grabbed Ransom. I intended a full repeat of Saturday, and that's what we got, plus some. Our trots were back on light contact, hoping he'd give a little more with his head & back. He did - after a little tightness, I worked out a few kinks in a lot of direction changes. I "got his mind" on me, and got the canter going. We did some canter-right first, hoping to prevent any "canter here" habits from forming. He didn't want to stay in it long, so next time I'll need to be a little more assertive in our right canters.

In his canter-left, after couple circles, I thought, o O ( Oh heck, why not try down the long side again.) O o So we headed in canter, left, long side headed away from the barn. In the short side, I kept going. Down the long side 'headed home', I kept him in it. I figured worst he'd do is canter bigger, but again, I'm committed to getting better, getting over my fears, and Ransom has never given me a reason to think he'd be bad deliberately or act out. He never sped up, he didn't really even lengthen his stride. Stayed cool & easy heading home, just like heading away. Enjoyed that, and took a good solid walk break.

After some more trot work, I asked for canter-right again, intending on a full arena 'round. Ransom kept breaking gait, and, in the short side at the back of the arena, stumbled in front. He put himself back upright, had a second small stumble, and still managed to keep it together. I stayed on top, but admittedly grabbed the saddle horn when he stumbled. I left him in an extended trot back down the barn-end, and asked for a total halt. Stood there a few minutes, him licking & chewing, head down, I'm sure in an apology of "Sorry Mom. I'm a little out of shape, but I'll get better."

Total work about 45 minutes again. This has been going so well, I think I'm going to stay this way for the rest of the week. Short Short work week. With Monday off, and Friday my AFO, I've only got three days, or 27 work hours all week. YahOO!

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