Monday, March 23, 2009

3/21/09 Romeo Again

Saddled Romeo for a late morning test-ride in the new saddle again. He was incredibly ugly when I first saddled him. Bucking, rearing, throwing a general fit at the end of the lead rope. I put him in the round pen for about fifteen minutes, and he bucked there a few more times. He got a little bit wore out, and started paying closer attention to me.

In the arena for about another fifteen minutes, I had to make a few stirrup adjustments, and settle into my tack, but we had a good quick ride. Walk, trot, and a little canter-left. When I asked for his first transition, he hesitated, but once in it, he wasn't charging or bucking like the last English ride. Second downward transition he stopped nicely, instead of running away with me like before.

Saturday evening, R and I went with some other friends to see Elton John and Billy Joel in concert. Absolutely amazing! It was a fantastic show. Billy Joel is a serious performer and entertainer. We got a lot of good laughs, spent most of the concert singing along, and had a great time!


SunnySD said...

Goodness, what adventures! You have to wonder what makes them tick sometimes. Could he have pulled or pinched something out playing around that's making him a bit more ouchy & reactive than normal? They all seem to get silly in the spring, don't they!

Jennifer said...

I think he's not getting the same high level of activity & single attention, so he's acting out. Sounds silly, but when he's the only one, and I'm the only rider, he seems a bit calmer..

Who knows. I bet the week with Les will straighten out most of it.