Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chance ... Of ... Rain?

I can hardly type it.. Wow.. it's been so dry here.. I just checked Intellicast, and the forecast for next week is promising.

Sunday - 30% chance of Rain
Monday - 40%
Tuesday - 60%
Wednesday - 60%
Thursday - 60%

I realize ya'll probably think I'm nuts! Rain means wet & puddles. That means no riding, and, worse yet, mosquitoes if it stays warm enough long enough. I'm willing to take that risk. My entire place is dry crispy remains of what used to be grass. There have been hundred + acre grass fires, killing off pasturse & cattle, all over the county & neighboring.

Please Lord, let that forecast be true. Send us moderate steady rain. I hate to be a fuss, but can You please avoid that 12+" downpour in two hours' time like we had two years ago? I thought that would NEVER drain or soak in. Somewhere between last summer (too dry)& the summer before (WAY too wet) would be just perfect! I know if I ask and I'm specific You're listening... Amen!

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Mrs Mom said...

After coming out of a three-ish year long severe drought, I'll say your water prayer right along with you!