Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adult Rider Confessions

I'm gonna set up a Question & Answer for ya'll readers... I'll even answer them myself to get the conversation going...

  1. How many horses own you? Two, Chewie & Romeo
  2. What is their current purpose? Chewie, healing lawn ornament; Romeo, trail buddy in training
  3. What currently is your favorite thing to do with them? Chewie, walk bareback; Romeo, trot over crossrails
  4. What is the best thing your horses do? Chewie - Air Brakes; Romeo - Whoa with reins & hand on his neck
  5. Is there anything you really want for their ultimate purpose beyodn what they are currently doing? Chewie, Low-Level dressage, and ultimately, 2'3"-3' hunter eq over fences; Romeo, low-level open show english eq, and western pleasure eq
  6. What prevents you from doing what you want to with them? Hooves, and riding ability
  7. If there's something that's not being done, is it you, or the horse? Me
  8. What's wrong with the party in #6? Big, Giant Chicken
  9. Can you change anything to get either party better? More horse training; More rider confidence

There now... that was soothing. I just admitted to every one of you I'm scared to death of canter. Terrified. I've got "splat" too many times in that gait, and I'm 110% determined to get over it. I'm hoping Romeo will come back to me with such an easy neck-reining lope that I can get him out in an open field, squeeze him off, and he'll calmly lope about, hop over a downed tree log, and easily lope me on home. Chewie's got that easy canter.. He just needs healthy hooves, and a rider with a bit more confidence.

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fssunnysd said...

Ooh goody! A way to procrastinate :-)

1)Horses: 2: Sunny & Amyra(plus the 5 farm horses which also depend on me to remember stuff like vaccinations, worming, feet, etc. Thankfully, I don't have to pay for their stuff, though!)

2)Current Purpose: Sunny-trail riding partner, herd manager. Amyra-princess lawn mower with fertilizer attachment. Will go to professional trainer next year, but for now is getting saddled & backed by me.

3)Favorite stuff: trail rides, obstacles & ground work.

4)Best thing: Sunny always greets me with a weird sounding whinny/whicker noise as soon as he sees me coming. Being able to jump on him bareback wherever. Amyra, hmmmm. She's pretty to look at? She's my husband's horse, and not really my cup of tea....

5)What I'd like to do eventually: Endurance maybe eventually. I've always wanted to try. If not, maybe competition trail type stuff?

6)Prevention factors: Time, lack of horse trailer currently...

7)Faults: Me

8) What's wrong in #6: Second on the big giant CHICKEN!!! I hate riding alone anymore. Don't know what happened. I used to take off and go for miles. Occasionally I walked home, but I still enjoyed it. Sigh.

9)Fixes: More riding time. Lots more riding time, and company - not all the time, but someone to ride with helps motivate me.

I hear you on the canter. Sunny has a lovely lovely smooth lope. He doesn't buck. I still don't really like loping. But my fear isn't of being bucked off. Weirdly enough, it's of being fallen on.

I had a bad accident a couple of years ago on a borrowed horse that reared over on me. I wasn't badly hurt - separated ribs and lots of bruising was about the worst of it. And I rode again right away.

For some reason, it isn't the thought of one rearing with me that bothers me, though. It's having the footing be bad and the horse falling. I've been bucked off and fallen off a couple of times since. Not a problem. But I continue to get butterflies at the thought of bad footing causing an accident. Told you it was a weird worry!