Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ike... Ike...2pm NHC Update

I'm a bit north of there... Follow the TX coastline along with me... See where, from LA down along the coast. There's a little "blurp" in the coastline, yup.. go farther down.
See that second "blurp" on the coastline? I'm just north of that.
Snot! At least horse plans are made. I wanna go back up North, to Yankee-Land, where I came from...

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fssunnysd said...

Scary, to have all of that hovering and so much damage so recently, so nearby. Glad you have plans made, and are prepared. I have to admit, I'm much happier coping with blizzards than with the thought of a hurricane & flooding. Hope it misses you - and everybody down there, for that matter!