Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Those are Good Peoples!

How many engineers does it take to change a truck tire? About three... What I learned yesterday, after a co-worker told me he saw a bolt in my back passenger tire, and offered to change it out to the spare. Another car pulled up, two other engineers aboard. They came over, and while one supervised, another helped. So, technically, it takes two engineers to get it done, and one to supervise. HAH!

Took the stupid near-flat tire back to where I bought it, a Firestone in town. Boy, was I shocked. The guy at the desk looked it up, and said, "It'll be at least an hour before we can get to it, and it's going to be $19.73 including tax." I said, "Well then, the heck with you. See if I buy another tire here. That's almost brand-new, and that charge is ridiculous."

Walked out, and went to the Discount Tire down the street, the same place where I've bought two trailer tires. I explained my flat tire to a fellow behind the desk, we looked at it, and he said, "It'll be a while, but we'll get it fixed, and get it back on the truck."

I waited, and waited. The fellow that was assigned the job came into the waiting room, and said, "Not a big deal. It's fixable. It'll only be a few more minutes." A bit later, he came in, paper in his hand. "Alright ma'am. It's all done for you. Have a great evening. Drive carefully."

No charge. Absolutely zero charge. What good peoples! Discount Tire gets my vote, and my future tire purchases. If that's how they try to lure in customers, with no charge repairs, then it works. It's such a good way to treat customers, I'm blogging about it, so anybody with a shop in driving distance might consider them.

Horses are good. Ears were critter-free last night, and all are healing nicely. I'll clean them out tonight, and add more Tri-Tec. Beautiful cool morning today, with a few more on the forecast future.

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