Friday, September 26, 2008

Offering Up to a Good Home

I've offered this up on the discussion board I frequent, and, so far, no takers. For those that read the blog, and we've communicated in some way, shape, form, or fashion, if you have a use for this blanket, or can justify to me somebody you know that has a use for it, mail me (in my profile). If I've never heard of you before, don't bother me, please. =) Cheers.

It's fixin' to get "cold" (that's in quotes 'cuz it's all relative to your climate. My definition of the word in South Texas, and bonkers' definition in Canada.. well, they're different).

Chewie's offering up his two-season used Rambo mid-weight to a good home. He put a little tear in one side, repairable with some fishing line & patience (it's maybe two inches total, at a right angle). It's a dark blue color, and has had one coat of waterproofing re-sprayed on it last year. It's at the cleaner's now, and they tell me it'll be back next Tuesday, all clean & ready for a new home. Chewie's offering it out, because last season it was a bad fit on his chest, and rubbed a few patches of hair off on his shoulders. It's about an 81", and fits him generously (16.2H TB).

Shipping fees gets it to you. I don't have a use for it, and don't see a reason for it to sit at my house. I'm not patient enough to take pictures or put it on eBay, and I've gotten two good years out of it.

Lemmeee know if ur interested.


fssunnysd said...

Generous offer! Short (& getting fuzzier daily) little Arabs here, unfortunately :-(

Jennifer said...

HA! LOL.. an Arab in an 81" TB blanket... HAH!!!