Monday, September 1, 2008

Status Quo

No new changes with Chewie. Nothing will improve overnight, and I'm aware of that. Took Romeo on a few walks around the neighborhood without incident. He met up with the neighbors dogs again, and behaved nicely. As one dog sniffed his back leg, he didn't even pin his ears... much improved.

Happy Labor Day! It's hard to be happy... I have friends in LA that are getting pounded by Gustav. Stupid storm! Shoo!! Go Away! Other than the dumb weather, it's been a good three day weekend.

Got some weed killer down around the house, but I ran out before making it out to fence line. Hope to get more today, and finish it out this weekend.

Happy day to all of you outside of the Gulf Coast. Hoping the weather has fared well for the majority of you.

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