Friday, September 12, 2008

The Horses Remind Me...

Of the little things. They're peacefully in a paddock together now, and it looks like Chewie got his ear cut on the inside. I'll try to get closer tonight. Other than that, they've been great. They hand walk to and from stalls for their meals without incident. Many other big horses & mini horses are around, and there hasn't been a scuffle, a snort, or a fussy fight between anybody. They're eating all of every meal, and gobbling every giblit of hay I toss at them.

Rode Romeo in the arena, about 45 minutes. He's progressing, but the little turkey flies into figure eight turns right now. Darn it! :) He'll get better.

Lunged Chewie for about 20 minutes. He was going bezerk while I was riding Romeo, pretty upset about the whole thing, so I didn't lunge longer. Sound both ways, w/t/c. He loved his hose-down afterwards, yawning, licking, chewing. Cookies for all.

The clouds are rolling in, and they say the storm will hit tonight. The latest track & predictions say it will rain, and bring 40-60mph winds to my house. I sure hope the trailer house can handle that, and no tree branches swing into the windows.

All here at my home-away-from-home is good. Tranquil, peaceful. Betty the maid washed my clothes from yesterday, and brought clean towels. :) I enjoyed fresh eggs this morning for breakfast. I did get a good night's rest, and that was refreshing. Woke up hot a few times... need to ditch a blanket before I turn in tonight.

I still owe ya'll my thoughts on evacuations.. For now, I'll say this -- "If they say go, GO! You idjits! They don't say evacuate for the fun of watching you get stuck in traffic!" Too many on the Houston / Galveston coast aren't going "because it costs money". Dial 3-1-1, they'll get you FREE transportation to a FREE shelter with FREE meals! You idjits! Nobody wants to see you sitting on your roof, house flooded, saying, "I didn't know it would be this bad!" IDJITS! Just GO! =) That about covers it.

Hope to call to check on furry little ones today. I suspect they're doing great, but probably miss me. The cats & little dog Charlie here snuggle up once in a while, I think to remind me I'm still cared for.

FSSunny - Don't worry about it.. Don't feel guilty about your weather compared to mine. I went through that with Katrina. Here's how I settled it in my mind - I donated blood, and donated cash to the Red Cross after the storm. That little money I donated probably went to some clothes & hygeine supplies in a shelter. Rather than feel guilty, I did something... Maybe that will help you. Otherwise, go groom a horse, and think of me...

It's just stuff... Yeah, it's my stuff, but that's all it is. Sitting & worrying about it getting damaged won't bring it back after the storm. There's nothing there I can't replace. I guess I've lived too many places to be worried about the structure. A part of me hopes it goes - I'd love a newer place, even if just a trailer house again. =)

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OnTheBit said...

Well I am glad the boys are enjoying their temporary home...and that you have a place to ride them there. I hope the little critters are doing well (I am sure they are).