Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike, 9/10, AM Update

All of my evac plans are in place. Things that could blow away are organized as best they can be. Paperwork for insurance, me, critters, all gathered & assembled. All pet meds are bagged & ready.

This is when I ask myself, "Why didn't I look harder for a job off the coast, closer to my family?! I don't like being this far away from them, or this close to bad weather."

I won't be homesick, I won't lean on anybody. I'm determined to take care of myself. God sent His own little blessing my way this morning - A friend on an Equine discussion board I frequent offered up her house, complete with a shed & pens for the horses, and the top floor of her home for me, dogs, cats. May God bless her for the generosity. Thank goodness in this case it's not needed.

If I don't respond, and anybody wants to find me, go to my profile, look at the start of my google mail, and replace with . It's an address I can get to from my cell phone until I can get back to a computer. Should be one at my destination, and I will have personal PC, and work PC with me.

If you're the praying kind, start now...

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