Monday, September 15, 2008

Whirlwind Return

Saturday afternoon, Mac tapped on the bedroom door. It was the vet on the phone. All the kids could be picked up, when I was ready. So we planned to arrive there at 4:30pm, after my work phone meeting. Then, my boss calls. He says I was expected at work at 8:00am Sunday morning. I figured, "Why leave half of the family here and waste gas driving back up".

I frantically packed everything, told boss I wasn't going to make the 4pm meeting if he wanted me at work Sunday morning. Mac, Paula, and I scrambled to the vet, picked up all five little ones, came back home, and got the horses ready.

In the midst of organizing horses, with leg wraps, and boots, hay, grain, and the like, I found four ticks in ears. Two on Chewie, two on Romeo. Freak! I hurried to remove them (with fingers, YUCK!), soothed their little brains, and thanked them for letting me get in ears easily. Romeo hates having his ears messed with. I was more than grateful he allowed me in this instance. One of his ticks looked like it'd been there a while. Shame on me for not looking closer.

The trip home, was, long. It didn't take any longer than it normally used to when I drove for lessons, but it just felt long & stressful. I got home at dusk (having conquered a 5 minute raining downpour near the cut off backroad to the house), and scrambled to get everybody unpacked, fed, and settled.

Sunday was spent with a few hours at work, grocery shopping, haircut, housework, laundry, and MacKenzie at obedience class. All those things I should've had the whole weekend to do. Frantic and chaotic. I took a wet rag to the horses' ears, found one more newly attached tick in Chewie's ear, removed it, and medicated all ears. I found Romeo to be quite forgiving, still letting me clean his ears out, pretty deep at that. Thank goodness for small favors.. I'm pretty glad I took the time when I first got him to mess with his ears nearly every evening. All that fussing & fighting was well worth it, especially now, as I will be tick-checking every evening, and preparing for the worst at all times. It'll cool off outside soon enough, and the tick monsters will subside.

Kenzie was fair to average in class. Poor kid was tired, and so was her Momma. Only two other dogs showed up in class, and neither were much better than her.

Unfortunately, life caught up with me last night. I was up sick off & on from around 11pm until about 3:30am this morning. Big old normal nausea. I just don't handle that much stress, chaos, or diet change well at all. All the running and stress chased me down, and my body just couldn't handle it.

Well, it's back to work, and some reality. The week will fly by fast, I'm sure of it. There's much to do, and so few hours of working daylight to get them done.

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OnTheBit said...

Well I am glad that everything went well and that you are safe and sound back home among your stuff!