Monday, September 8, 2008

Chewie, Weekend of 9/5

9/4 - Round pen, near dusk, about 30 minutes of free walk, trot, canter. Plenty of transitions, not much goofing off, and completely sound.

9/5 - Chewie had other plans. I tried catching him in the late morning, and after a half hour chasing him around the pasture, I gave up.
Tried again, in the evening, and while he took off once, he did let me catch him. Another half hour of w/t/c free lunge.

9/6 - Round pen, morning. He didn't run off, and was completely compliant. I introduced him to some uncoordinated ground driving. I didn't put the surcingle on, and as a result, the outside line kept creeping up his withers. He did a lotta walk driving, and a bit of trot. Plenty of work w/t/c free round pen, again.... Sound. 40 minutes.

9/7 - Day off.

Will start back up tonight. I'm going to use his bridle and surcingle. No side reins. Perhaps later in the week I'll reintroduce those.

*laugh* While doing yard work yesterday, I accidentally left the little gate open from Chewie's pasture. I also, fortunately, left the other little gate open to Romeo's pasture.. I was happily mowing the grass, and saw Chewie, standing in between the stalls, munching on lawn grass. No halter, nothing.. =) I laughed as I turned the mower off, and quietly walked over to Chewie. He walked away from me, wandered through Romeo's little pasture gate, and sniffed all over. I closed both gates, praised him for not running down the street like a nut, and left him in Romeo's lot. I will put him back in his spot tonight, and I'm sure he'll appreciate all the shady tree cover.

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