Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chewie 09/16/08

Tick check in the ears - all clear. I groomed him a bit, and we went to the round pen.

w/t/c 20 minutes, each direction sound. I put on my helmet, put his french link bit in, and gently hopped on bareback from an upside-down flower pot. Walked for five minutes, and I got off. He was still sound back to the barn.

I'd like to give that a "go" again tonight, if there's enough daylight. Might even toss a jacket on, and turn the round pen lights on. Mr Don farrier said I could do that for a few days consecutive, adding time slowly. I plan to keep this up through the weekend, then give him a call to see where to go from here.

Big plan tonight is Romeo again, front, side yard, and maybe a little figure-eights in his pasture. Over the weekend, he'll go back to Cowboy Les' house for some more work. I figure it'll be a few more weeks there at least.

Les thinks the bad ride over the last weekend (at my evac house) was due to stress & a new place. I'm starting to wonder if it's saddle fit. I know my western saddle isn't a great fit on either horse.. and I know I ought to be looking for a used replacement. It's too bad used saddles aren't falling out of the sky & landing cheap in my neighborhood. :)

Storm recovery continues for some of my co-workers at another site in the corporation. It's frustrating to be this geographically close, and not have any way to help. I've asked, and even made some suggestions. I don't have much desire to randomnly donate cash & water. I'd rather be helping somebody in particular that I know or have worked with. I'm hoping we'll have some plans made soon.

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