Thursday, September 25, 2008

Romeo Training 09/21/08 WeekLong Update

I might be loping him in the arena this weekend, by the sounds of it.
Things Romeo is doing well
  • No more spurs. All the energy gait changes are with leg cues only
  • Loping from a walk, rather than the buggy-trot
  • Loping out in a straight line

Things Romeo isn't doing well

  • He's insisting on being "in front" when riding with another horse
  • He still insists on going pretty fast to start out
  • He tosses his head when he can't lean on the running martingale

All not so bad. Les says it's stuff that needs work, but all things that can be accomplished in the next few weeks. I'm considering delivering a jump standard pair & three rails over the weekend.. Let them chew on that for a while. I never intended them to work on jumping, but even if Romeo gets a general review cantering to a fence with a confident rider, it's better than what I could show him. I'm tickled red, white, and purple he isn't in spurs anymore... that's just awesome. I'm also happy to report he's gone from the slow twist loose ring snaffle to a Tom Thumb. The TT has a curb chain, one finger fits under the chain when it's loose. I mentioned bringing over my copper ring kimberwicke over, since that's what I can use in the hunter circuit (since a TT isn't show-legal outside of the western pleasure world). I'd love the boy to canter gently... maybe he'll get there sooner rather than later.

Sounds overall like he's doing pretty nifty-good. I figured he wasn't getting rides since I hadn't heard anything. From the phone conversation we just had, I heard about a Sunday ride, and a Monday ride. All sounds good to me.. Any hours with a confident rider is better than a ride with my scared hiney on his back.

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