Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm safe & settled

Cats, dogs, horses, and I gave up the homefront and arrived at my safe-house around 10am. Settled the horses, took dogs & cats to the nearby vet, and came back "home".

The house is amazing, bed & bath to myself, it's peaceful, tranquil. I heard my favorite message when I got unpacked from the truck - "Make yourself at home. We won't serve you, so ask, or just get it." I like families like this - I felt welcomed & settled immediatley.

The boys are doing good. Everybody loaded up soo well. After everyone was packed, I went back through the house again, cried a little, and thought, "It's only stuff. Everything that matters to me is out in that truck, waiting for me. The rest of this is just stuff, and nothing more. Stuff replaces, pets don't."

Now it's hurry & wait. I'm going to sit on the radar, and post occasional thoughts & musings. Rumor is at work I'm expected back for "Early Returnees" duty on Sunday. Damage at work is now expected to be minimal, if at all. House may not be so lucky, and the Freeport site is in the bulls eye now.

At some point, I'll rant & rave about folks that refuse to take evacuations seriously... But for now, I'm just going to enjoy being away from the coastline.


fssunnysd said...

I'm feeling guilty for complaining about the wind, damp & overcast weather we've had lately wrecking my riding plans! (The sun just came out for the first time in three days, and I'm at work until 10 PM. Grrr!)

My petty, selfish weather issues aside, glad to hear you're relocated safe & sound with all the critters!!

OnTheBit said...

I am glad you made it safe and sound. I was watching the news this morning and I am glad you got out okay and with all the critters. I hope that your stuff, and yes it is just stuff, but it's your stuff, is okay when you get back. GOOD LUCK!