Thursday, September 25, 2008

Non-Horse.. Good, and Bad...

No horse updates, gang... Chewie's been standing, becuase I've been up to my eyeballs in the rest of life. Romeo's still at Cowboy Les's, and I think he's been too busy with his massage-job to ride him. I hope to visit this weekend & catch a ride myself. Also hoping to catch up with Chewie, stick a saddle on his back, and ask for a few trot transitions. He seems incredibly sound & balanced, I don't see a reason to leave him stand & walk so much.

My employer has a process we call "Balance of Consequences", or BOC. We teach that, in BOC, for every 1 Negative Reinforcement (or punishment), there should be at least 4 Positive Reinforcements... So here I go, trying to live the Vision.

GOOD Tuesday night I attended a church meeting about introducing us to mission activities hosted by our church. How fun! The hosts introduced the program, and finding out "needs & fears" for the community much like brainstorming for a Six Sigma project. Stickie notes everywheres... We're at least making progress.

BAD Wednesday night, after a very long day at work adminstering training, I tried to interject myself into the church Praise team. It was good I went in with no expectations, because they didn't really make me feel incredibly comfortable or welcome. What a nasty feeling... uncomfortable in a church group. blech. 'nuf said. I won't bore ya'll with it.. but it is incredibly discomforting to know a church group doesn't treat everyone equally.

GOOD While sitting on the floor listening to the Praise Team, they sang a powerful chorus that, while I was singing along, I "heard" the lyrics, and realized God was teaching me something..
It's all about You, Jesus
And all this is for You
For Your glory and Your name
It's not about me
As if You should do things my way
You alone are God
And I surrender, to Your ways

GOOD We're finally getting a program off the ground to assist Hurricane Ike victims in our sister plants in the Freeport area. I hate all the waiting, I've been a pestering little nag, and now the formal communications are waiting on Legal to approve. I'm learning patience in here somewhere. If the officials ever get spit out there, I'll probably blast it from the rooftops. Our leaders decided that, since I was one that pushed for the original ideas, and came up with the first suggestions, I'm in charge. Working with HR, we've contacted key personnel to assist, and we're already getting the word out. I can't wait to get started!!!!

GOOD Hurricane Ike pay is gooooood! When I was first evacuating, I was afraid the extra-duty pay would only be a few hundred bucks before taxes (thus about $50 after tax). I was frustrated, and scared I'd volunteered to put myself at risk for pennies. Then, after the storm, I figured, "We won't get a dime. I put in almost 3 hours that Sunday for nothing." Well, the official word is in... God is Good, all the time. I'm going to get a significant extra paycheck for my time on the extra-duty crew. I feel a bit guilty, as some of the sister sites aren't getting paid as generously, but I am blessed. This extra comes at a much-needed time. I told my Dad last night, this check looks a lot like truck insurance and a credit card payment or two. I am blessed...

GOOD John McCain heard me.. well, maybe me and thousands of others. I told a campaign fundraiser months ago, "It's time for John to do the job he's paid for. He's paid through my taxes to be a Senator. The gas prices are through the roof... My grocery bill is killing me... If he wants more funds from my bank account, you tell him to go back to the Senate floor, and at least act like he can lead with new bills & true bipartisan leadership." News yesterday is he suspended his campaign, and he's meeting with the President. Good job, Senator.. Let me go get the month's bills paid, and I'll cut ya another check.

That's FIVE GOODS to ONE BAD. I did it plus one. Everybody have a good day. I'll let in on the Ike relief secret as soon as the PR-Legal-Politically Correct communications are issued.

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fssunnysd said...

Great idea the positives for negative - and I'm glad there was a silver lining with Ike. Thanks, too for the nudge on the Red Cross, etc. They certainly do good work and can do with more assistance than they're getting this year with the cost of everything rising.