Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Borrowed Horses in An Open Field

Les and I took Amigo & Sugar out for a walk that lasted a little over an hour. We trampled through crop pastures, all disced & done for the season. Amigo looked real hard at some cotton laying on a turnrow. We didn't canter off into the sunset, but settled for walk & lotsa trot. A good time had by all.

Romeo is going to stay at Les's for a while, starting tonight. His feet are going to be trimmed up Thursday, and then Les is planning on riding him a bit. His aim is to teach Romeo to neck rein & canter without so much fuss & fight. It'll be good for him, and great for me. I'm anxious to watch them work together, and more anxious to see Romeo get annoyed & upset while somebody with extreme confidence is on him. Les has done initial training (breaking) on quite a few colts, and I've ridden the final product - Sugar & Blue. Both are easy-rides, and pretty tolerant of my screw ups. I recognize that Romeo won't be as easy to ride as Sugar & Blue initially - Both of them have had years of Les' training, as well as a few months at other roping-horse trainers. It'll be good, anyways.

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fssunnysd said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, and just the thing to shake the blues.

Speaking of which, I'm sharing - you've won an award. Feel free to participate or not, as you choose - I've always hated those chain letter, "You will be the recipient of 7 years bad luck..." things! :) Happy riding!