Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll Be Under the Couch if Ya'll Need Me

Or , better titled.. "Making Plans, just in case."

Stupid Storm Ike. Make up yer freakin' mind! First, it's headed north, to LA, and I felt horribly sick that my Baton Rouge & New Orleans friends were going to get slammed again. Guilt... Then, it stayed on the south end of Cuba, and the weather dudes said, "It's headed to Port O'Connor, or Galveston, we can't tell."

So I called Sam's Mom, P, explained I'm on the storm crew at work, and I needed a place for the boys, even if temporary. She talked to her BF, and they agreed, Chewie, Romeo, and I, have a place, if we need it. Plans made... I'll figure out what to do with the little four-leggeds closer to the weather... find a vet or something.

Went to bed, with the same "whole coast of TX" in the uncertain cone. Woke up this morning, weather fellows saying, "Anywhere from North Mexico to Galveston." For cryin' out loud.. Make up your mind!

Work weather forecast says South of here... I can only hope.

No pony-action yesterday. I wasn't feeling up to par, and didn't see any reason to make Chewie suffer due to my discomfort.

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