Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chewie 09/26/08

Stiff and a bit sore. I over-did it the night we trotted, I suppose.. darn it ol' boy, I'm sorry. W/t/c free lunge for about 15 minutes, then I walked him a few minutes bareback. He loosened up after the first 15, but he was a bit fussy bareback, trying to avoid working.

So I tried it again this morning. I gave him a run on Romeo's bit, stainless steel loose ring snaffle with a copper link in the middle (JP Korsteel, I think). He seemed to like it quite a bit. So great.. We'll keep using it.

10 minutes free lunge w/t/c
15 minutes lunge on side reins w/t/c
15 minute under saddle walk One little spurt sitting trot, purposely holding him back a little bit so he wouldn't hurt himself

Fitted him last night for his new Schneider's turnout - It's going to fit like a dream! I'm super happy I invested in it. It's not resting where the Rambo did - so there won't be nasty painful rub-marks on his shoulders this winter. He seemed pretty cooperative with the new belly-band, too. What a neat turnout. No takers yet on the Rambo, so keep considering it, and/or asking anybody you know that has a true need.

I need to get going for the day. I have to find a pair of reasonable dress pants. Rumor is I might be part of the Hurricane Crew invited to dinner with our infamous CEO Wednesday. Little twit likes to think of himself as equal to the President of the USA, I guess... I got a schedule that the dinner is happening, in Freeport, and a note from my boss saying, "We might be asked to attend." Um... can we be a little better in our planning? He ain't so famous he needs to plan this last-minute. The dress for the event was requested to be "very casual, khaki pants & dress shirt." Great.. None of my khakis fit anymore. I've lost about 4" on this diabetic diet I'm on. So they're either waay to wide to keep up, or too short, and up over my ankles when I sit down. dang it. I hate clothes shopping.. hate it hate it hate it.

Cheers everyone... I leave you with two "thoughts of wisdom"..

If we evolved from apes, how's come there's still apes?
When the batteries from your remote control start fading, why do you press harder on the remote buttons?

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