Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Day Of the Storm

It's windy here, and starting to rain. They're big drops... and the trees are all bending around at the tops.

I slept, well, enough. Woke up every few hours, checked for power, then checked the PC for radar updates. Looks like home didn't get a drop of rain. Doesn't that figure... Not sure about the wind, because it looked close to the outside of the rain bands there for a while.

Work update at 4pm yesterday is to still plan on Sunday. Something was said about bringing my own meals, which could be complicated if I can't get to an open store. Another update at 4pm today, so we'll see. There's also a concern there won't be enough fuel (nitrogen, electricity, ethylene) to start up our site... another reason I don't understand why we have to hurry back.

Played with mini horses Annie & Robin yesterday. Then we went on a frantic adventure to search out & lead in all of the mini's to the barn. I gave up my stall space & left Chewie and Romeo in the paddock (with shelter) for the storm. Some of the minis were cooperative and easy to catch, some not. At the end of the gathering, I snagged Pagan & Robin Red pony, and hand walked them, holding onto halters, back to the barn. Cooperative little stinkers, although they walk slow. All stayed calm, surprising for how much the wind was whipping about.

As for the storm, as I figured, rescues abound on the news, for all the idjits who didn't leave, assuming nobody in the city official teams knew what they were talking about. Of course! All those stupid fire & rescue people have no clue what they're doing... we should all just stay at home, and "ride it out". IDJITS

Boys were good this morning.. Gave them hay, and decided we're skipping their morning grain. It's too windy, and just nasty out.. no reason to stress their tummies with grain, and then have some emergency vet call to deal with.

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