Monday, February 2, 2009

1/30/09 R&R

Saddled Romeo, preparing for a strong-willed little pony. I was a bit shocked - he was really in a good mood. The feed decrease must have accomplished its task of calming him down. Walk Trot Canter both directions, offering inside leg support in canter-right. He's improving there, but still has much to do. We worked on turns on haunches, leg yields, side passes, a few rollbacks. I then had the bright idea we could open & close a rope gate. Oh boy.. MUCH work to do there! Holy pooh. He'd let me open it, but was in no way interested in letting me hold onto the rope & take it back to close the gate. Much to do ... He finally did decently, but not after much arguing and disagreement. Total work about 45 minutes, ending with a sweaty pony. Not sweat from hard work physically, but stressed mentally.

Grabbed Ransom & dressage tack, anxious. Warmed him up, and still I was excited for a good ride. Unfortunately, I thought for some reason I could ride him in cowboy boots and jeans in my dressage saddle. OWCH! Skin just above my boot line kept grabbing a little calf skin and pinching. I worked through it for walk/trot and a tiny bit of canter. Proud that I rode through the pinching, but more happy I accomplished a little canter and a solid trot, I put him away. Total work 40 minutes.

Short rides, but good workouts for both, and the rider.

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