Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/23/09 Romeo

Saddled the Little Man up, added the training fork, longer english spurs, and used my french link snaffle bit. I didn't want anything to interfere with him being good, and considered maybe the TT bit was confusing. It probably had nothing to do with it, and was simply a seasonal-Romeo-temper-tantrum, but I was willing to give him some benefit.

He was pretty good. A little stickie in his spins, nice sidepasses, nice gate work, good turns on forehand, a few easy leg yields. Canters were better. We alternated a lot between trot and canter, and at one trot set, he was insisting on going faster. "Fine, little snot. Let's run." So we did...

Ran into a little giggle-snag.... I worked A LOT at trot with the reins sitting on his neck, my hands on my legs. So, essentially, all direction changes, circles, etc, all through seat & legs. He did great! Only a few little bobbles, once almost running right into the rail. Still, it was cool to have that much control without needing the reins. I got a little confident, and tried it at one of our last canter sets. Pretty stinking cool! He did really well, stayed on the rail, no bobbles. At one turn I wasn't sure if he'd need guiding or not, so I didn't... we just about ran right into the rail. I lost my balance a bit, hollered, "WHOA", and he stopped, flat on his front end. Ugly transition, but he never lost control, never got too fast, and didn't flip out when the reins were flapping loose.

A much better ride than the previous few. He'll get a few days off now, as Ransom's up tonight, I'm busy with Choir Fa-La-La Wednesday, and believe I'm getting a massage Thursday (much needed, stretch out & rest all those tired riding muscles in my legs & back).

Last night I watched snippets of Saturday's lessons. Ransom is pretty darn cool! Neat to see... I recognized my seat was pretty good, legs pretty good, shoulders still tend to cave in, and I had "ugly hands". Looked more like pushing a shopping cart than riding a horse. Need to be aware of that in my future rides. Trot on the rail was pretty cool, but again, ugly hands.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you got to ride,I'll bet you're looking forward to your massage. I know I would be.

Jennifer said...

South Texas, YahOO!! I can ride almost all year 'round, if it's not too rainy.

And rainy it isn't. We're in the midst of a drought. Makes the arena dusty & dry, but it also makes for great ride days.