Monday, February 2, 2009

1/31/09 Lessons

Ransom, Lunge Line, dressage. WOW! Reins were tied up in the bridle, so it was just me, my legs, and the pommel. He was a babysitter!! Beautiful walk/trot, and canter! A new accomplishment! Canter both directions, solid length of time, hiney IN the saddle. WOO HOO!!! Working on my sitting trot, Jenn said to me, "Try tucking your butt in a little bit more. See if that doesn't make it easier." Absolutely neat! When Ransom tucks his head, bends at the poll, and pushes his trot from behind, his back almost doesn't move. The trot becomes amazing easy to sit. In the canter, I flapped around a bit until thinking "Maybe if I tuck in, it'll be easier." BinGo! Instantly, I was settled into his motion at the canter, almost giggling with the stride. That is what it's supposed to feel like!!! I was beside myself, happy.

Jenn took off the lunge line, I thought so I could walk Ransom out. I dropped my stirrups, and she said, "Might wanna keep those. We're not done yet." OH crap... Haven't done anything with Ransom in the arena off the line in anything but my western saddle. Oh crap... Just stay calm, breathe,, it's no big deal.

And, it wasn't. If I crept my hands up the reins, he'd tense up & be ugly, but when I relaxed enough to let the reins out, the trot was gorgeous. Worked on walk and trot only, on the rail, with direction changes at the trot. Pretty cool!! A lesson full of big accomplishments, and a very happy proud me. A bit over an hour with Ransom... good ride though!

I left all my western tack at Les's house in his trailer, so grabbed Romeo and jumped on bareback. He was a little sensitive & touchie from his cowboy ride, but still good. Got through the little pole-obstacles at the trot, on direct contact (yup, without me having death grip on his mane). Got some decent haunches turns, a few good rollbacks, and nice back-ups through the L-shape. He refused to side pass with a pole underneath him, but did it just fine away from the pole. He was good, a bit of a dork, a bit stubborn, but good. It was pretty cool trotting him around all over the place bareback with direct reins. WOo hoo!

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