Sunday, February 8, 2009

LA 2/8/09 Arts & Culture

I slept in, well, better. 6:30, and I was staring at the ceiling. Oh fine, I figured.. I’ll get up. I got some breakfast and a shower in me, did a little light reading, and T got rolling as well.
We began the day at another museum, the LSU Museum of Art, hoping to catch a Rodin exhibit. Unfortunately, they weren’t going to open for another hour. We wandered across the street to the Old State Building. A masterpiece of architecture, probably the most impressive building I’ve seen during the trip so far. The ornate door handles, door hinges, staircase banisters… stunning work, more impressive knowing it’s incredibly old. I walked towards the center of the building, and T said, “Look up”. This is about the look I had on my face…

It looked like this.

Amazing! I absolutely couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was.

We met up with P again and another friend of theirs, and attended Of Moving Colors “Looking Glass”. A really nice dance theater modeled after Tennesee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie and Picasso’s Girl Before A Mirror. They didn’t allow photography, so I have nothing to share but my memory of it. It was really good dance, and very nice movement with the music. I was impressed – definitely something I don’t see in my little town in Texas.

After the theater, the exhibit was open, so with a little time left before close, we ran upstairs to the Rodin exhibit. Very nice work. Pieces of his work The Gates of Hell were on display, along with photographs of the entire work. The detail and representation of the true human form was amazing. Even his over-exaggerated hands & torsos in other works were amazing. The casting of The Thinker was really nice!!

Our day ended with a long slow relaxing dinner at PF Changs, a restaurant I got to experience on a previous work trip here. It was just as amazing this time as it was before – very good food, great service, and nice atmosphere. A very good meal. Sitting at #2 after Sammy’s from Friday.

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