Monday, February 16, 2009

2/15/09 Romeo & Blue

Had a good church service - decent enough choir kind of morning. Early 8am service, so I had time right after to get groceries. Got those all home & put up. Had a very nice lunch after second church service was over (*giggle* ... That's all I have to say about that, as I know Jenn reads this, and will laugh to herself Tuesday morning).

Went home, grabbed Romeo, and headed to the riding arena. No cows, but I did get a good show. Les was riding a horse, for a friend, with full intents on letting another friend ride. Horse in question, M, is for sale. Well, M was marketed as "dead broke, can walk and trot, doesn't neck rein great, but would be good for kids or occasional trail ride." After thirty minutes of walk, and trot, M was covered in frothy sweat, and shaking. He was a nervous wreck. Just carrying a person around, in a strange place, he was a mess.. Les couldn't let the friend (with zero horse experience) ride with a clear conscience, so when she arrived, he explained that M needs many more saddle hours, and is not safe for a beginner.

I had a blast on Romeo! He is opening & closing gates, side passing, turns on haunches are getting much better. His go and his whoa are incredible. I worked walk, trot, canter, both ways, good solid stops, gates about 6 times, had soo much fun! He acted like he missed me - gave me so much try despite I hadn't been on him in over a week. A very very good boy!

After Romeo, Les pulled his saddle off of Blue, and I got on. He's got the BEST dressage extended sit trot. It's soo pretty! Les' other friend was on Amigo at the time, and she said to me, "He's got the nicest trot!" I smiled. Didn't want to tell her, "DUH! I'm working my arse off for it! You can't see my hips swinging? You don't see the inside leg to outside rein?" :)

All the riding after all the break showed. The back of my thighs (both sides) were tight as pulled out bungee cords. Les stretched me and helped get most of the tension out. I'll be stretching periodically throughout the day to work them loose.

Tonight, should be fun! A co-worker of Les and mine, also my neighbor, is bringing over a filly he bought. He's also a rank beginner, and the filly isn't broke to ride. He has been treating her like a family pet, and the honeymoon is over. She walks all over him, refuses to lead polite. They're going to work her in my round pen, and I'm looking forward to the show. Les is bringing sale-horse M over too - work him at my house, change of scenery, getting him used to relaxing away from home.

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